Norton Protection Installation Process

Norton Setup- 

How to Norton Security Install, Uninstall, and Reinstall 


Please visit our Norton 360 Installation page for the related Norton 360 instructions. 

The computer software protection suite built by Norton was Norton Protection. It runs on platforms including MS Windows , Mac OS X, Android , and iOS. Three editions, such as Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium, were available. 


Now, in place of Norton Security, Norton 360 is usable. On our Norton 360 Editions Compared page, you will learn more about comparing the Norton 360 software packages. 

More details on how to obtain your software after purchasing Norton Security is given below. We also provide information on how to get the activation key for the Norton product, update software for additional devices, and, if needed, how to reinstall Norton Protection. 


Step 1- Uninstall older Norton or other applications for security 

Process Uninstall on Windows-based machines.

(This is an optional step, but necessary if there is some previous installation of security software. This includes Norton security products other than Norton Security, or other software manufacturers' security products including Avast, Avira, AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky, Panda, Trend Micro, ESET, F-Secure, etc.) 


  • In the bottom left-hand corner, press the start button and then press on the Control Panel. 
  • When within the control panel, do one of the following, depending on which operating system is in use: 
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10: Programs and features that are available. 
  • Windows Vista – Open uninstall a program. 
  • Windows XP-Add or uninstall programmes from Open. 
  • Once an installed programs directory opens, click the Norton programme (or other software) that you want to delete, and then click Uninstall or Delete. 
  • Click on Norton Full Uninstall (or complete the process of uninstalling non-Norton uninstalled software).
  • A Alert Waiting Period Subscription window will pop up; click Next. 
  • Click the Restart Now button. Until the machine is restarted, the programme will not be fully uninstalled. 

Process Uninstall on Mac OS X computers 

  • Delete an app with either: or: 
  • (Hold down the icon until all the icons jiggle and press the delete button (X) to uninstall it via Launchpad. 
  • If the Launchpad does not have a delete button, delete the app by using its uninstaller or, if this is not possible, by transferring the app to Trash and then emptying the Trash. 
  • Restart action may or may not be required. 


Step 2- Install Protection for Norton 


  • To get to your Norton Account, use this URL: official site. 
  • Enter the account-related email address and password 
  • Click the button to sign in.
  • You will be prompted to choose one of two options when logging in for the first time after purchase, or at any time from a device that does not have Norton Protection installed: Install on this device or Install on another device 
  • To get the app downloaded and installed on your current computer, click Agree & Update. 
  • If you close a window from the phase above, by going to the Devices tab, you can always get back to it. In either case, in tabs like Home, Computers, or Services, the Norton account gui is very intuitive and features the Download icon. 
  • You get Norton's Downloader service when you download the app to your computer. Downloading and installing your security programme will begin once you run it. Follow the instructions on-screen. Upon completion, it will instal and enable your Norton product.


Step 3- On additional computers, instal Norton Protection on 

Follow these basic steps if you need to instal your Norton protection programme on a different device (computer or mobile): 


  • Log into your console with Norton Management: https:/ 
  • You can see a button on your Management Homepage that says "Download Norton" above which it says "Do you want to add more devices?" 
  • Click the button, select the Install tab on another computer, and follow the on-screen instructions (you can send the installation connexion via email using the procedure). 

Retrieve your product key OPTIONAL- 

  • Log into your Norton Account with the Product key, 
  • Click on the tab for Computers, 
  • Find the system for which you need a product key and copy it by writing it down or by taking action to highlight / copy / paste. It is also possible to view your product key from the Services tab.

OPTIONAL- First download Norton Security, Install, then Enable 

  • Click here to update your Norton Security Software: (versions Basic and Deluxe) 
  • Once you've downloaded the installation file, double-click it to start the installation of Norton Protection. 
  • Click on the User License Agreement, read it in its entirety, and then close it. 
  • Press Agree and instal Backup for Norton Security or Norton Security. 
  • Enable your installation of Norton Protection by entering your copied activation code from your Norton Account. 


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